Moubootaur Legends

TMW-2: Moubootaur Legends

Moubootaur Legends is a game constantly growing, developed with the feedback from players. It features a small community, and being open source, anyone can contribute to the game.

Although the game is better played with friends, one may play it alone without difficulty. We keep adding more options to the game as the players request it (and as time allows us to). The game story is flexible, and it changes based on quests which are done by all players cooperatively. But not only with cooperation a MMORPG is done, and we feature competitivity and ranked events when it is suitable as well.

The game is meritocratic, meaning, your level, inventary and other stats are a reflex of your own efforts on the game. There are no in-app purchases, no purposely broken game design to lure players in spending real money, nor anything of the sorts. This game is free to play, free to win.

The game is in Beta state, meaning there are bugs. We try to fix them as fast as possible. If you find something weird, want to give us feedback, or is just with a question that you didn't found an answer for on our wiki, just give a shout at our Discord Channel. We'll try to reply as soon as possible.

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When you are on Linux or Windows you can Download our Launcher. Read our announcement post for more information about the launcher project.

Linux & Windows Source Code

Provided downloads are 64bit only


When you can't or don't want to use our Launcher, you can add our Server in ManaPlus directly:

Name: TMW-2: Moubootaur Legends
Port: 6901
Type: Evol2

Video Tutorial